Monday, December 8, 2008

Clean Bee Soap Company 2 Free Samples

Yep, it's true: we'll really send you a free sample of our products. We believe in that whole "try before you buy" thing. However, there are a couple of guidelines we would appreciate you follow ... (aw man, you mean there's RULES??) Also, if you're ordering from outside the US, a military base, or anywhere else that isn't listed in the dropdown field, we'll still send you a sample!! Please click here for a different submission form.

1) Please limit sample requests to two of any of the following:

Bask (cake or liquid)
Bees' Delight (cake or liquid)
Bees' Delight, Pure (cake or liquid)
Honeypear (cake or liquid)
Man Soap (cake or liquid)
Neato-Keen Vanilla Bean
Squeaky Clean
Squeeze (cake or liquid)
Velveteen (cake or liquid)

2) Please fill out the following form with your mailing address; it's very helpful to us if you fill it out with proper capitalization, etc. Our software pulls this information directly into a mail merge, so whatever you type will end up on your mailing label (except for the comments field, of course; type away).

3) Please be aware that our samples vary in size, shape, and weight (because they're scraps of our actual products) ... but we promise that the sample is representative of the end-product.

4) Please allow 8-10 weeks to receive your sample; we know that's a super long time and we try to turn these requests around quickly, but our busiest season is the holidays AND the Queen Bee is studying for her managerial accounting final ... ick. (and truthfully, the cats are not awesome at packing up samples into tiny zipper bags; the lack of opposable thumbs is troublesome).click here


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