Monday, October 27, 2008

Free McGruff Trading Cards

Here what the site says. The address is above. Be sure to check the box that says you want the free trading cards.

Trading Card Order Form

Hey kids!

To order a free set of my trading cards, just fill out the form below. Make sure you fill out all of the blanks with a * next to them so that the Post Office can deliver the cards to you.

Don't forget to ask the adult you live with if it's okay to fill out this form before you send it. It's important to check with an adult before you give out personal information like your address to anyone, even McGruff!

Your friend,


Information submitted via this form is used only for the purposes of sending the trading cards and is destroyed immediately after mailing. A copy of the privacy policy for this site can be found at

Sorry, we can only accept orders for delivery within the United States .


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