Saturday, August 9, 2008

Design a T shirt competition

go here to check it out
Here is what they say on their site.
Our never-ending competition is non-stop. Every month, we'll choose the best designs as winners and make them into tees.
What’s In It For You?

So what do you get in return?

Firstly, if you win of course, there’s one hundred notes straight into your sky–rocket (that’s £100 in your pocket to those who don’t get out much).

Secondly, we’ll give you 50p for every tee design of your’s that we sell — so your earnings are almost unlimited.

Thirdly we’ll fire you off a nice tee with your design on it, we’re good like that.

Finally (and most importantly), you get to boast that the people of teetonic are loving your work. Respect. Get to it people.
Runner Up Prizes

For those who don't quite make it there's always the chance to win an exclusive teetonic tee. Wear it with pride.


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