Thursday, March 27, 2008


Join the MSN Buddy Program at CafeMSN and be an exclusive online panel member.

What is the MSN Buddy Program?

The MSN Buddy Program is a unique online program to connect internet savvy consumers with MSN Managers through discussion boards that help, in an interactive manner, share valuable feedback on a variety of MSN & Windows Live Products and Design issues.

What do you need to join the program?

Not much! There are some simple questions that we need to ask you to ascertain your qualification. You can provide us these inputs simply by clicking here.

What's in it for you - the MSN Buddy?

Once you become the member in the MSN Buddy Program, depending on the number and quality of inputs that you provide, you will be eligible for a $50 or one-of-twenty $10 prize every month.

More importantly, you have a unique opportunity to directly influence MSN product strategy & direction.

So, come on in. MSN Buddy Program at CafeMSN is the place where you can make a real difference!

Read this for more details on the buddy program/and/or to sign up, and enjoy!


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